How to Make Google Business Online Address Visible?

how to make google business online address

Who doesn’t know how amazing is Google?From very unimportant things until serious keywords are easy to search through this search engine. Even, it also helps any field include business. The existence of Google My Business really helpful for those who want to make their business improves. It’s your time to learn about how to start make own business using Google My Business. It will require you to understand how to make Google Business online address appears in the search engine. As the result, the visibility of your business also improves. So, this is your time to apply it by following some steps how to make Google Business online address below.

The Division of Business Needs

Before jump to the step by step in creating online address, you should know about the division of business needs. Knowing your focus is very necessary to avoid unclear information. That’s why you have to set it right according to your business. There are some business needs to choose such as Local Business, Company/Institution, Art, Entertainment, and etc.

Create Google Account

After that, you can continue to the next step how to make Google Business online address. It’s a must to have a Google account when you want to do the next process. There will be some basic requirements you need to fill like name, gender, password, and others. But if you already have an account, you can skip this step to login to your Google account.

Register in Google My Business

Register in Google My Business becomes the third step how to make Google Business online address. In this process, you still need to fill the data form according to your identity. As it’s for your business, fill it carefully and make sure that it doesn’t consist of fake information. The more clear information you give, the easier people to identify your business or company.

Set the Main Page of Google My Business

When you already finish the previous step how to make Google Business online address, you will be brought to the main page. There is a feature that you can apply to edit your Google Business. After clicking Edit, you can set the picture, logo, and many more.

Verify Your Business

For the last step, you will need to verify your account via email. You just simply click the “Verify Now” and include the verification code. Then to finish it, click “Send Postcard” and voila, your Google Business online address can be seen in the search engine. As the effect, there will be a possibility that more people start to know your business online address.