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How to Make Money Blogging From Affiliate Programs

How to Make Money Blogging From Affiliate Programs

You can make a few hundred dollars per month from affiliate programs, but you have to promote products the right way or people will label your blog as a spam blog. You have to remember, people are just as perceptive as you are when it comes to spending money on a product online. Here’s a strategy you can try using to make money blogging from affiliate programs.

1) Instead of promoting a bunch of similar affiliate programs, use ClickBank (or whichever service you are using) to find out the number of click-through rates of each product vendor. Choose the affiliate program with the most click-throughs, and ditch the ones that are not converting any commissions for you. This will make room in your sidebar for other types of promotions, like sponsorships, text-link ads, etc.

2) Once you find a good affiliate program, use a larger ad of the product in your sidebar. Larger ads are proven to convert more click-throughs in comparison to the 125×125 buttons you normally see on blogs. A good ad size is the 300×250 rectangle, but you will have to pick an ad that blends in well with the dimensions of your sidebar. You can use Google AdSense to find the most popular ad sizes, then you can download the image from your affiliate program website.

3) Once you have a good product to promote, buy it, use it, and apply the information you learn in it to build credibility with people. If you actually use the product you are promoting, people are more likely to trust what you have to say resulting in more commissions. This is one of many strategies you can use to make money blogging from affiliate programs, so, you should do your own testing to see how well this particular strategy will work for you.