How to Make Online Business in Dubai through E-Commerce?
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How to Make Online Business in Dubai through E-Commerce?

With a very wide spread of the internet, e-commerce sector is developing very easily. Moreover, the use of smartphone also helps E-Commerce known by many people. It seems like traditional inevitably have to back down or adapt to the recent situation. Dubai becomes one of those countries which has a lucrative E-Commerce market. You surely can learn how to make online business in Dubai. There is no limitation of product to sell. You can try to focus on selling clothing, electronics, and household goods which are in great demand.

Knowing which Type of Company Suits You Well

Before registering your company, you should understand which type of company suits you well. There are some available options such as branch of a foreign parent company and limited liability company. You can choose one of them according to your plan. However, it’s still not enough to determine which type of company. Observe more about the most chosen type of companies.

Decide the Zone for a License

After determining the best company, you still need to follow the second step how to make online business in Dubai. Decide zone for a license becomes a necessity when you want to own an online business. If you are foreigner entrepreneurs, you should know that there are more than 20 zones in Dubai. But you can choose one of these options which are free zones and outside the free zones. For those who want to get more freedom in export and import, you can register your company outside the free zones. It’s because when you choose the free zones, it will be quite difficult to process. If you are foreigners, you must find local partner who will get almost half of our income.

Prepare a Company’s Name and Its Alternative

Once you’ve chosen the right zone, you need to prepare a company’s name. This third step how to make online business in Dubai focuses on E-commerce is also essential. It’s actually the same when you want to open an offline store. You will prefer a name that doesn’t belong to someone else’s. However, you also should prepare its alternative name.

Provide Legal Address

Provide legal address becomes the next tips how to make online business in Dubai. Even though it’s not a must in owning an offline store, but you should provide legal address. It’s because Dubai authorities oblige to those who have E-Commerce companies to have one.

Get Your License then Open a Bank Account

After obtaining a License, you should prepare a bank account. Don’t be hesitated because local banks offer good business opportunity for everyone including offshore companies.