Success Story: Current Entrepreneur News
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Success Story: Current Entrepreneur News

Inspiring business story is very beneficial to learn by everyone. It’s because in fact, creating a business opportunity is not easy. No wonder that there are many people who need more motivation to run their business. Although only looking at the inspiring story, it can help you to learn about how the person starts its business from zero to success. There are some current entrepreneur news discuss in this article in the form of success story. It’s not only as a medium to learn but also as reminder that with passion and tenacity, you can pass the obstacles in front of you.

Success at a Young Age with Sport Wear Brand

There is no limitation of age in business world. Anyone can be success through their own business. All you need is willingness and effort. You can take a look at a young entrepreneur who already succeed at 26-year-old. If you ever heard about GymShark, it’s a sport wear brand whose founder is Ben Francis. According to BBC News, this businessman was a full time student and  pizza delivery in 2012. In running his GymShark business, he used his time  in between deliveries.

The background he created GymShark was because of his passion in fitness. The idea appeared when he didn’t find any clothing to wear. Then he realized this idea to run his sport wear brand. As the time flies, now it has more than 1.2 million customers and 215 employees. Social media helps him to make his product spread across the globe. This is the number one of current entrepreneur news that can inspire you.

The Creation of Vegan Burger

Move to the number two of current entrepreneur news, there is  a success figure who creates  vegan burger. Ethan Brown is the next businessman that can inspire you in running your business. The reason why he created vegan burger was because he wanted to redefine the word “meat”. Due to his persistence, his brand Beyond Burger started to show its improvement through the sold out products. Then he launched his brand in the US in 2016 then he made his business wider and  launch it in the UK. But he didn’t get that success so easily. Before he gets his credibility and very influenced investors, he worked in the alternative energy sector as a hydrogen fuel cell developer. According to his mission, he wanted to contribute something to the society in livestock sector.

Unique Skincare  Snake Serum and Dragon’s Blood

In the beauty field, there is an inspiring success story from Maria Hatzistefanis. This person created very innovative skincare products which consists of syn-ake peptide that replicates the reaction to a snake bite. She brainstormed with her team then started to sell their products. Even though she was not really sure about her small business, but then her effort succeed. There were lots of people included celebrities who  are interested in her products. But it was not easy to reach her goals, she passed several periods of study and worked in other company until she found her true passion in beauty. This is the number three current entrepreneur news to know.

From Hobby of Drawing to  Success

Last but not least, there is still a success figure who can inspire your way to run your business. Valfre is a famous brand created by Ilse Valfre. There was a long story before her brand known by actresses like Jessica Alba and Emma Robert. She started her business when she was 22 years old by blogging. From her drawing hobby, she can get success to created clothing line. But her drawing mostly influenced by comic books and Japanese anime. She became more motivated when she knew that her designs were being copied and sold on the internet in China. As the time flies, her business has grown quickly and now sold in 28 countries via stores like Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom. This is also very inspiring story that belongs to current entrepreneur news.