Tips for Choosing the Right Storage Unit

When it comes to storing your valuables, you want to ensure they are safe. Picking the right storage facility makes all the difference in the world when it comes to obtaining that safety. Here are our top tips for choosing the right storage unit to ensure your valuables are always kept safe when in stow.

Gated Access

This should be the first indication that a storage facility takes the safety of your valuables into consideration. They should have gated access to the entire facility. This will ensure that only those which have storage units in the facility are able to enter through to the storage area. You don’t want an open storage facility where anyone can drive through it.

Security Cameras

Storage facilities, such as those for any boat storage units redmond wa, should have security cameras on-site to monitor the activity. While gated access can keep out those who don’t have storage units in the facility, it doesn’t keep everyone away from your unit. In the event that another patron tries to break into your unit, you want security cameras to not only deter them but to catch them in the act if they proceed with it. It’s important to verify that the security cameras actually work and aren’t just for show.


This is a feature which helps to filter out the best facilities from the worse. Those facilities that take safety seriously will have the proper lighting on the units. This will ensure that you are not only able to access your unit safely, but also it will deter criminals from breaking in your unit. The more lighting that is on the facility, the better when it comes to reducing crime.

24/7 On-Site Management

While not all communities will have this option available, ones that do are going to be your best bet for the safest storage facility for your valuables. Facilities that have an actual manager on-site around the clock can deter criminal activity. It’s not likely for people to break into storage units when there is a physical person at the guard booth coming into the lot. This will also ensure that the manager only lets in those who have units into the facility lot.

Alarmed Units

A fairly new offering at some of the more high-tech storage facilities, alarmed units are a great upgrade for your security. These units sport an alarm that will sound in the event the unit is being broken into. This not only deters theft from happening but also alerts those at the facility, so they can respond quickly. This means less of a chance of your valuables getting stolen.

Deciding on the right storage unit to house your valuables can be a difficult decision. You want to ensure that the facility which you choose to go with has security at the top of their mind. By utilizing the tips that we outlined for you above, you should be able to select a great storage facility for all your storage needs.