Tips for Successful Motorcycle Spare Parts Business
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Tips for Successful Motorcycle Spare Parts Business

Auto parts business provides profit margins of up to 40%. The increasing number of motorcyclists in Indonesia coupled with the growing business opportunities in the field of auto parts sales of two-wheeled vehicles. Look at the business so that no one step. The business of motorcycle parts sales such FZ09 Akrapovic exhaust can be said to be a minimal business loss because the products sold do not know stale and almost every year the price is higher. Providing profit margins up to more than 40%, in running this business entrepreneurs are asked to be observant on various things.

Get around the amount of capital. Admittedly recognized the high price of motor parts, inevitably make entrepreneurs have to spend a little as an initial investment. You can get around this by working with distributors as freelancers with small capital. Submit the terms, the new item is paid after the sale to get around the small capital.

Get around the business location. The important thing in motorcycle parts sales business is to have a large parking lot in front of your store. Because this is a service business that provides services, such as installation to repair. The spacious courtyard allows you to have more space for the customer’s motor.

Get around the employees. Choose employees who are really able to master the ins and outs of motorcycle engines. Because other than as a technician, they will also act as consultants to customers. Remember, a customer who feels more value, such as knowledge of the product or solution about his motor problems, is easy to get back to.

Deal with waste spare parts. Maybe you never know if the used auto parts that you leave in your workshop subscription can actually bring money for the owner of the workshop. Because the waste spare parts will be hunted by the collectors and search engine junk. This could be an additional source of livelihood. Tips on buying and choosing genuine parts:

  • When going to buy spare parts it is advisable to bring original (broken) parts to match with new ones.
  • Choose a special store that sells your motor spare parts. How to recognize an honest store is usually a spare part shop is always crowded in the visit by the buyer. So do not buy spare parts in a shop that is quiet buyers. The original spare parts always include the production code on the product and the store has a price list.

In general, the state of the original spare parts is supported by a denser metallic look and of course the price is more expensive, even two to three times the price of a fake. But there is one thing that can actually guarantee the replacement of your motorcycle spare parts is more convincing to take it to the official workshop. However, usually the cost is paid by the wrong far more expensive than regular workshop. Though the work is not much different. Purchase of genuine motorcycle parts should be at authorized dealership as it is guaranteed quality.