What to Know about Entrepreneur Visa UK News
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What to Know about Entrepreneur Visa UK News

As the development in business, some of countries in the world show it’s improvement. It requires us to look for the business opportunity. The United Kingdom or UK is one of the examples. This country has convenience for those who want to be entrepreneurs. If you are outside UK, you might be wondering how to apply The UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. Don’t worry because this entrepreneur visa UK news will give you some information. Whether it’s your first time to try or you have done it but failed, it will be beneficial to know.

What You Should Prepare?

When you want to apply Entrepreneur Visa UK, you need to prepare your money at least £50,000 investment funds. Not only that, it must held in one or more regulated financial institutions and  disposable on the UK business. Besides, which also important is the English language requirement. You still need to prove your English knowledge through writing, reading, speaking, as well as listening test. This is the first Entrepreneur Visa UK news to know.

When You Can Apply It?

After knowing basic preparation, you need to know the time to apply. Three months before you travel is the earliest time to apply The UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. There will be some process you will need to pass. After you submit the application, you still need to wait the decision on your visa within three weeks. Besides, there will be also different pricing and health care surcharge based on your situation. This is the second Entrepreneur Visa UK news which is important to know.

How long Can You Use the Visa?

There are two ways you need to about how long can you use the visa. Firstly, for those who already own The UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa, you can come for a maximum of three years and four months. Besides, you will also get that right to extend your status for another two years. While for those who have another visa category and want to switch to Entrepreneur Visa UK, you can extend your status for three years. This is the third Entrepreneur Visa UK news to know.

What Can You Do?

The next exciting information you can get to use Entrepreneur Visa UK is the benefit. As it’s very suitable for entrepreneurs, you can set up a business or more even take it over. You can learn how to start make own business. There is still one thing that can give you serenity which is you can bring bring your family members with you. This is the fourth Entrepreneur Visa UK to know.