Distinctive Worthwhile Enterprise Idea
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Distinctive Worthwhile Enterprise Idea

To be honest, the business idea can come from anywhere. In fact, you do not need to go anywhere to look for it. The idea was close. With just relax, you just find it faster. How come? Applause for those of you who have captured his points. Here it is, doing business laziness. One’s laziness becomes the sustenance of sustenance for others, and it is clear to us of course.

Try to look around, so many business that spoil the lazy. Laziness brings blessings. Here are some of his business ideas:

Car Wash

This business is now greeting my mind. First look for sweat with your own car wash. Now how lazy huh? Stay between to the salon. Well done. uh, just out of the motor wash, sudden rain. Forced to schedule next. Good selling business. This business choice is suitable when combined with cafes, hotspot, and other lazy ideas.


Delivery order

Loss. Night. Plus hunger spice. Complete concoction to lift the phone: food order. You order, they inter.

Now, almost all franchises have opened themselves to this business. Some open their own lines, some outsource. We can take this gap. We can also open a business expedition, delivering bills for example. Cooperation with mobile or banking operators. There is a successful friend in this business whose career started from courier. Now, he already has his own expedition.

In addition, now the message between not only in the form of goods, but motorcycle taxi can also be ordered and take you, not the goods! You can modify it with go-ban service for example, patch tires that can be contacted by phone. I know nothing about you.


This is the most phenomenal laziness business: The culinary business. There is no death. After going home from the market, what’s hard to mix garlic, red, turmeric, or seasoning so practical. Still the restaurant became the most visited port. For culinary business ideas, because it is ingrained and mushrooming, try to find the most delicious food but we are most lazy to make it. Immediately open the stall.

Maid distributor, laundry, child care, wedding organizer, etc.

I deliberately grouped it because its genre is almost the same — aiming for diligent family laziness! Yes, so diligent to find money so lazy to take care of the marriage, lazy to change the child’s diapers, lazy to wash clothes, lazy to clean up the house.

Pick up business

Lazy to pick up school children, business is the answer. The downs: rent a car. After the shuttle is complete, the car can be empowered for local taxis.

Online business Idea

Lazy to get stuck. Lazy when always using uniform to the office. Lazy out of the house. Lazy to be diligent. Here’s the answer!

Online business. You certainly know Microsoft, Amazon or Facebook is not it? 3 of the 5 richest people in the world, its core business in technology.

So, if your business is not online, then the danger, you miss the train. Online your offline business.

Well, after a successful business based laziness. Do not forget to stay lazy. Lazy doing this business alone: ​​recruit employees! Lazy to see a business that is not big: expansion! Lazy to see unemployed brothers who are still lazy: invest, love the capital!