Best Podcasts for Startup and Entrepreneur News to Follow
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Best Podcasts for Startup and Entrepreneur News to Follow

Audio content or known as podcast is a great learning source. These days, the selection of quality podcasts is limitless. This applies in all industries including for startup. You surely can find the best podcasts for Startup and entrepreneur news. There are some recommendations of podcasts that may relevant to you. Since it becomes more popular than ever, people who use traditional methods switch to this audio content. Whether it’s the founders or followers, both get the same positive impacts in discussing about something.

Lean Startup

Helping startups to be lean in managing cost while producing great products becomes the value of Lean Startup. This podcast was available since January 2005. It’s available for people who want to start a business on a budget. There are already books written by Graban that won awards. So, Lean Startup can be your inspiring and high quality source to follow.


Mixergy by Andrew Warner becomes number two of best podcasts for startup and entrepreneur news to follow. It’s already well-known as online educational platform. If you are looking for inspiration, this podcast will provide over 1,000 interviews to listen to. Even you can find them on ITunes for free. Through quality content, you can learn about their expertise in managing startup.


The third podcast that you should follow is Marketplace. There are multiple programs available like Marketplace Weekly Update and Marketplace Report. This radio show really provides great information about business. Besides, it also broadcast on more than 800 national public radio stations.


The next podcast focuses on all things about startups is Equity. If you have a passion in Tech businesses, this podcast is very suitable for you. This will keep you update about latest news weekly. There will be discussion concern on big trend or interesting progress in business world. If you found some issues related to your company, you can follow this podcast which allows for solutions.

Masters of Scale

What else belongs to one of the best podcasts for startup and entrepreneur news is Master of Scale. It’s reasonable because this podcast is an option for anyone who currently building a company. Even the famous figure like Mark Zuckerburg also found this podcast is helpful. There are interviews focus on advice for founders in running their business.

Inside Intercom Podcast

The last podcast that can help you in running a business is Inside Intercom Podcast. Practical and technical tips for business owner becomes the focus of this podcast. If you follow Inside Intercom Podcast, there will be a discussion how to work your business.