Entrepreneur News Articles to Motivate Yourself in Business
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Entrepreneur News Articles to Motivate Yourself in Business

Free time is very precious for entrepreneurs to develop themselves. Reading newspapers, watching tv news, or browse the best entrepreneur news sites would be really helpful. Even though you are already expert in this field, it is still and will be necessary for business development. There are actually entrepreneur news articles out there to motivate yourself. But this article chooses few that are very relate to old and first-time entrepreneurs. In this modern age, you must look for references on how to get a successful business.

Think You’re Too Old to Be An Entrepreneur? Think Again

The first website can be your place to look for entrepreneur news articles is Entrepreneur.com. There are bunch of articles about any subjects including business. Even this company provides infographics in some of the articles. As we know that data visualization conveys the information easier and faster. “Think You’re Too Old to Be An Entrepreneur? Think Again” is one of the examples that discussed more about age. There might be a stereotype that says it’s only suitable for young. But in fact, age is not very influential because there are many entrepreneurs who still run their business until they are more than 45. You can take a look at its infographic for more detail.

How to Become a Millionaire by Age 30

The number two of entrepreneur news articles is still related to age. It’s also in the same website as before. “How to Become a Millionaire by Age 30” becomes the next article that is interesting to discuss. People might think that it’s not possible to be a millionaire by this age. But International Sales Expert, Cardon states that it shouldn’t be taboo. It’s because he became a millionaire when he was 30 after broke and in debt by age 21.

50 Signs You Might Be an Entrepreneur

For those who are still hesitant, this article may can help you to discover your skill to be an entrepreneur. Rampton says that entrepreneurs are unique group of people. They have different ideas, habits, and mindsets in handle their business. If you are still wondering about yourself as an entrepreneur, you surely should read this article. There is a list that consists of 50 skills that some might suit you.

Why Google Doesn’t Care About College Degrees

There’s one more of entrepreneur news articles that can motivate you to be an entrepreneur. “Why Google Doesn’t Care About College Degress” sounds fascinating to be known. You might think that Google hire only applicants with a high degree. But this article proves that Google doesn’t care about degrees. It appreciates more about character and the quality of the candidates.