Essential Things on Choosing Educative Toys for Children

Educative toys are a means or playground that contains a positive educational and learning value for those who play it. Educative toys for children will provide added value or benefits for the child in terms of brain intelligence, motor skills, emotional intelligence and others. A good educational game such Capture the Flag Game for children is a game that matches the child’s physical and mental development aspects.

Not all toys can be called educative toys and suitable for child development. Similarly, not all toys have the same degree of education. There are good toys and are very educative because they care about aspects of education and learning. There are also toys that are not good, not educative and only pay attention to economic benefits alone. Non-educational toys like that should be shunned, because the impact is not good for children.

Every parent would want to give the best toys for the growth of their children. For that parents are required carefully in choosing the appropriate toys. Well, what are the criteria in choosing educational toys for children? These include:


The first criterion in providing educative toys is security. That is safe and not the toy is for the child. Noteworthy in this case is the basic materials, weight, size and shape of the toy. In some case are found toys containing dangerous metals such as mercury and lead. To avoid the risk of reading the labels in the toy box. If written in a foreign language ask the seller to explain it. Do not let, these toys are dangerous for the safety of children.


Educational toys always include instruction by age. Namely a description that shows educational toys is recommended for children of a certain age. For example as educational toys children aged 1 year, 2 years and others. Children aged 1 year should be given a rather large toy.


Educative children’s toys always put forward the entertainment aspect for its users. Aspects of entertainment for example seen from the composition of color, shape, sound, or motion. Educative toys for children should be entertaining and fun, why? Because the childhood is the time to play so that children should not be burdened with sadness, depression, anger, etc. If after playing the child look sulking, sad, depressed, etc. should re-evaluate the toy.

Appropriate sex

There are toys that are suitable for both boys and girls, some are suitable only for boys, and there are also toys suitable only for girls. Give children toys according to gender. Toys that do not conform to the sex should be avoided as they may cause problems in the future.


A good educational toy is a toy that is not just a play tool, but also a creative medium for children, whether done jointly or alone. For example, lego child toys. These toys are suitable for developing the creative side of children.


Educative child toys should be free from replicas of violent tools. Like swords, pistols, guns, and so on. Although the toy may be preferred by children. The replicas of violent tools can keep children away from the values ​​of affection.

Those are some of the criteria that need to be considered before we choose and provide educative toys for children. By giving a good and proper toy a child will grow up physically or mentally.