Know the Type of Rain Water Gutter, Problems and Maintenance of It
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Know the Type of Rain Water Gutter, Problems and Maintenance of It

Rain gutter is a building element that cannot be considered trivial because many areas such Dallas has a tropical climate with high rainfall. But often the gutters are forgotten or do not get attention when planning or building a house, thus causing the facade of the house ‘disturbed’ by the presence of gutters or even leaks due to the gutters that do not work properly. Because of that, many services company such Gutters Dallas provides installation also maintenance on gutters itself. In this article, we invite you to get to know better rainwater gutters, so you can determine your own type of gutters that your dream home needs.

The main function of rainwater gutter is to drain water from the roof to the planned site, it can be vertical gutters, rain water channels, sinks or absorption wells. The main purpose of the gutter is to prevent rain water from falling out of the roof, or seeping everywhere. Therefore, rainwater gutter is generally installed on the edge, meeting between the roof, or the side wall of the house. Along the development of rainwater gutter technology is now produced from various materials, namely:

  • Gutters of stone or concrete

Probably the earliest type of gutters used by humans. In modern homes, concrete gutters are generally placed on roofs with fences or neighboring buildings. Gutter of concrete is certainly the strongest compared to other materials, but the price is relatively expensive, the process is not easy, and its waterproof ability depends on the waterproofing layer used

  • Metal gutters

The gutters of the best known metal base material in Indonesia are probably cheap zinc or zinc gutters, sold in sheets and can be shaped as needed. The main drawback of zinc is its age and its resistance to weather, the zinc gutters are easily corroded and damaged in a relatively short time. Substitutes for zinc gutters are sheet or ready-to-use gutters of aluminum. Other metal gutters such as gutters of steel, tin or copper are not used very often because of their high price

  • Plastic gutters

Gutter from plastic or PVC base material, very popular because it is cheap and easy to install because it is available in ready-made form in various sizes. The main disadvantage of this material gutter is its age and its resistance to weather. Exposure to extreme heat and cold temperatures will make the plastic lose its flexibility, become brittle and ultimately fragile and easily cracked or broken. Although the price is cheap, but with the age of 1-2 years only, it needs to be considered if you want a low maintenance home. Later emerging gutters of fiberglass material, but the price is relatively expensive and installation is not easy, generally used for factories or large buildings.