SBI Launches ‘Unnati Credit Card’ for people with no Credit History
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SBI Launches ‘Unnati Credit Card’ for people with no Credit History

Strong economies of the world have few rationales behind being there and one of them is they were – Digitally empowered. A country which has digitally empowered infrastructure, where services are delivered based on digital transactions, and has high levels and standards of digital scholarship can become economically very strong and independent.

One of the ways to digitally empower people is to provide them the power of “Credit Cards”. Not just any other credit card, but a card which is created to authorize you to go cashless. One such initiative has been launched by India’s Leading Banking service bank- State Bank of India, which brings to your doorstep a multi-faceted Credit Card – Unnati!

SBI Unnati does not require any income proof or any credit history and can be obtained by anyone with an SBI account. All SBI account holders with a minimum balance of Rs.25000/- will get Unnati. The power of Unnati is also been extended to “Jan Dhan Account” holders. This is the biggest benefit granted, only by SBI, to them, which is also the biggest step in nation’s headway towards a digital mode of payments. Once you apply, you can check SBI Credit Card Status.

The card holders need not pay any- annual fee, or subscription charges for the first four years. Unlike any other credit card which charges from Rs.100/- to Rs.6000/- as their yearly charges Unnati is a “Zero Fee Card”. The annual fee will be charged only from the 5th year onwards. With a strong network of more than 20,000 branches across India, SBI also offers “Add-On” cards to the primary card holder. And trust, there are no “add-on fees for empowering your family. (Family include -Spouse, children, parents or siblings above 18 years of age).

Unnati card holders get the advantage of transferring the outstanding amount of any other bank card into Unnati, avail a low rate of interest and pay back in EMIs. Accepted over 24million retail outlets across the globe (including more than 3,25,000 outlets in India), empowering you to withdraw cash from over 1million ATMs across the world, and approval of digital payment of Utility Bills like – electricity, telephone, mobile, and other bills makes Unnati matchless.

Flexibility redefined by Unnati in many ways and one such way is- you can get a cheque or a draft, delivered at your doorstep, against your cash limit. Purchases more than Rs.2500/- can be converted into EMIs.

Unnati rewards you one point per Rs.100/-spent, Rs.500/- as cash back on the purchase of Rs.50, 000 or above yearly. You can redeem the points against a wide range of gifts. Unlike any other credit card that extends fuel surcharge waiver at limited locations, Unnati offers 1% fuel surcharges waiver across all petrol pumps in India.

You can always track your SBI Credit Card Application Status by using your Application Number.

Unnati is truly a “WOW” credit card, as features are offered without any cross questioning about the credit history and are a huge and bold step towards building a powerful Digital infrastructure for the country’s journey to become a “Digital Nation”!