Your Essential Guide to Selecting the Perfect Material for both Indoor and Outdoor Banners
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Your Essential Guide to Selecting the Perfect Material for both Indoor and Outdoor Banners

Nowadays, when it comes to banner materials, vinyl is often the number one choice. This is true not just for outdoor banners, but for indoor banners as well. But vinyl can also be enhanced in strength and durability in terms of how it is constructed and with the use of other materials. So what kind of vinyl banner construction and materials should you make use of? Here’s your essential guide to selecting the perfect materials for both indoor and outdoor banners.

Basic information on vinyl banners

Vinyl banner materials are often made up of two elements or components: the mesh made from polyester (also referred to as the scrim), with the mesh enhancing the strength of the banner, and the vinyl coat, which is actually the surface where the graphics will be printed. There is also a kind of vinyl called ‘block out’ vinyl which is completely dense and opaque.

Indoor banners: your guide to vinyl materials and styles

If you are ordering a banner primarily for indoor use, it’s important to choose the right vinyl material. Most indoor banners produced today are on a smooth vinyl block out material. The surface of the indoor banner is smoother, and this also allows printing to be done on both sides of the banner if necessary. But since most indoor banners will not have a scrim, they may eventually tear when the load is too heavy or when the banner is stretched out or ‘stressed’.

For your indoor banner to work more efficiently, you can choose to hang it like signage. If you can, ask your banner printing service if they can create banner pockets placed at the top and the bottom of the indoor banner. The bottom pocket can be inserted with a dowel or rod for weight, whilst the top pocket can be used to attach or hang the indoor banner from a support or a ceiling. If you want to make it easier on yourself, you can always go for a banner with a retractable stand – this is usually made up of a vinyl which comes with anti-curling properties, allowing the banner to stay flat. Banners with retractable stands are also more portable and easier to store since they come with their own case.

Outdoor banners: your guide to vinyl materials and styles

Outdoor banners are often constructed with the extra scrim material which is made from polyester, making the banner tougher and sturdier. Also, outdoor banners can come with a mesh material, which allows air to pass through the banner, so the banner remains stable and can be easily hung on fences, scaffolds, and walls, as well as withstand rain and wind.

By choosing the right materials for your indoor and outdoor banners, you can reap their benefits for years to come.

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